jQuery form validation using plugin

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss jQuery form validation using jquery validate plugin. We have already discussed about custom jquery form validation without using jquery validate plugin in my early article on Custom jQuery HTML form fields validation for all input types. We have used same HTML form which is used in the

Bootstrap modal dialog box/popup window

In this article, we are discussing bootstrap modal dialog box/popup window. It is very easy to implement bootstrap modal dialog box without writing a single line of javascript code. As we all know that bootstrap is very famous for responsive web design which will support maximum devices and view ports. So by using bootstrap modal

Simple jQuery lazy load example

In this tutorial, we are loading 10 images using jQuery lazy load example which will load the images in the background and show them while the page is scrolling by the user. This jQuery lazy load concept will help to improve page performance which will help your website to load faster. Below is the code