Below are the demos for multiple examples that we have developed in Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, jQuery autocomplete, form validations, PHP login and logout script and youtube videos data v3 API for search videos, related videos and embed videos. Bookmark this page to see the demos that we add in future.


1. Check or uncheck all check boxes using javascript or jquery

2. Javascript image lightbox demo

3. jQuery auto complete example demo

4. jQuery AJAX request demo

5. jQuery Date Picker demo

6. jQuery custom form validation

7. jQuery lazy load example

8. Javascript image resizing client side before uploading to server

9. Simple HTML table design example

10. Simple php login and logout example using php session and mysql database

11. Youtube data V3 API for search videos

12. Bootstrap modal dialog box/popup window

13. jQuery form validation using plugin

14. Create a Flip Effect with jQuery to Show Images and Text

15. PHP MYSQL add, edit, delete and multiple delete example