Author: Roshan

encode and decode query string value using php

In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to encode and decode query string value using PHP when developing a search module/filter for some kind of listing which will be accessible to the public and it is advised not to show the actual ID of the data, the user may use the ID to do

URL encoding and decoding using php

PHP supports encoding and decoding of URL by providing some built-in functions. Encoding is required before sending URL data to query string or to a function which might dynamically work on this URL data. And then, this data will be decoded into its original form, after receiving it in target PHP page or function. Types

jquery drag and drop example

jQuery UI made it very easy to sort items from one list into another using jquery drag and drop example functionality, by passing the selector into the connectWith option. The simplest way to do this is to group all list items with a CSS class name, and then pass that class name into the sortable

How to Create a Zoom Effect on Image Hover using jQuery

Here we will explain how to Create zoom Effect on Image Hover using jQuery image Zoom plugin like e-commerce websites or enlarge image on mouseover using jQuery image Zoom plugin. jQuery image Zoom plugin will provide two features image zoom effect and lightbox effect for the images by setting few properties for our images. Before

Simple php pagination using php and mysql

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to implement PHP pagination using PHP and MySQL with simple PHP code. In our previous tutorial, we have seen how to add,edit and delete records from database using PHP and MySQL .If we add more records the number of rows increases and they all display at

jQuery form validation using plugin

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss jQuery form validation using jquery validate plugin. We have already discussed about custom jquery form validation without using jquery validate plugin in my early article on Custom jQuery HTML form fields validation for all input types. We have used same HTML form which is used in the

MYSQL Insert Select Update and Delete Queries Examples

This tutorial will explain how to write MYSQL Insert Select Update and Delete Queries Examples and how to access MYSQL database using PHP. PHP has the built-in functions to connect the MYSQL database and to retrieve, update and delete the data from MYSQL database. Accessing MYSQL database from PHP is very easy using the following

Bootstrap modal dialog box/popup window

In this article, we are discussing bootstrap modal dialog box/popup window. It is very easy to implement bootstrap modal dialog box without writing a single line of javascript code. As we all know that bootstrap is very famous for responsive web design which will support maximum devices and view ports. So by using bootstrap modal